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Randall knife dating

The Germanic Migration period peoples also had advanced bladesmithing techniques for their level of technology.Migration Era smiths would often forge-weld blades of multiple materials, and their blades were typically double-edged and straight.Bronze jian were often made in a somewhat similar manner: in this case an alloy with a high copper content would be used to make a resilient core and spine, while the edge would be made from a high-tin-content alloy for sharpness and welded onto the rest of the blade.The swordsmiths of China are often credited with the forging technology that was carried to Korea and Japan, allowing swordsmiths in those places to create such weapons as the katana.This technology included folding, inserting alloys, and differential hardening of the edge, which historically has been the most common technique around the world.While the Japanese would be more influenced by the Chinese dāo (single-edged swords of various forms), the early Japanese swords known as ken are often based on the jian.This is still in debate as metallurgist John Verhoeven at Iowa State University believes the nanowires to occur in most steels.The other is a composite structure made by welding together iron and steel to give a visible pattern on the surface, called pattern welded steel.

The Sakai bladesmithing industry received a major boost from the Tokugawa shogunate (1603–1868), which granted Sakai a special seal of approval and enhanced its reputation for quality.The term Damascus steel can refer to two different types of artefacts.One is the true Damascus steel, or Wootz steel, which is a high carbon alloy with tremendous edge retention possibly due to its composition of carbon nanotubes and carbide nanowires, with a wavy surface texture originating from the crystalline structure of alloy metals such as tungsten and vanadium - elements that occur naturally in iron ore from southern India - to the surface during the manufacturing process.Despite iron's rarity, they gained enough familiarity with ironworking techniques to have used wrought iron in the manufacture of swords and blades as early as 3000 BC.The Proto-Celtic Hallstatt culture (8th century BC) were among the earliest users of iron swords.

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By the time of the Heian period (794—1185 AD) the Japanese sword took on its distinctive curved shape as a mounted horseman would have more use for a slashing type of blade as opposed to a thrusting type.

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